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MMStudios-Dance is located in Stanthorpe, Queensland. Our Studio offers various styles of dance with classes from 12 months of age. MMSD provides a supportive & fun dance environment in which we aim to teach each and every student the love of dance.

At MMStudios-Dance, we offer classes to suit each individual in a caring and uplifting environment. We have classes where your child will experience the fun aspect of dance, as well as classes that provide the opportunity to be a part of our 2023 Performance Teams for groups, as well as solos. These dancers will then have the opportunity to compete in dance eisteddfods across Queensland and New South Wales. MMStudios-Dance offers Comdance (previously known as CSTD) Examinations in Classical Ballet, Jazz & Tap. We also offer classes in Progressing Ballet Technique, Acrobatic Arts and Queensland Ballet Petit Pointers.

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Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is the basic foundation of dance and teaches posture, grace and discipline.
Technique learned in Classical Ballet will always be used to pursue other forms of dance.

Ballet training is offered to students right from 2 years of age, teaching musicality, rhythm and timing. Ballet examinations are also offered at MMStudios-Dance and we recommend the completion of these exams to reinforce technique and overall experience.



Tap is a most enjoyable style of dance with many young students who particularly love the sound the tap shoes make. Tap is a wonderful way for children to work on their timing and rhythm, as well as balance
and co-ordination.



Jazz is an exciting style of dance, with many children finding their love and passion for dance through this style. Jazz technique derives from Classical Ballet and offers each individual to find their individual movement and style with upbeat music.



Acrobatic Arts

Here at MMStudios - Dance we follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus with three qualified Acrobatic Art Teachers. We use a heavy duty tumbling mat essential for learning Acrobatics in a safe environment. Please head to our 'Acrobatic Arts' tab for further information

We offer three levels of Acrobatic classes:

  • Level 1 - A class created especially for the our beginner tumblers. In this class, your child  will learn the very basics of Acrobatics such as cartwheels, handstands and forward rolls. They will also be taught the importance of Acrobatic safety.

  • Level 2 - Continue to strengthen the basic Acrobatic Arts technique with walkovers, bridges and tumbling.

  • Level 2 - Should be able to do unassisted walkovers and cartwheels, as this level will be learning handsprings, aerials and further advanced Acrobatic styles.

If you are unsure what Level would suit your child, please contact us.



Contemporary is a unique and individual dance style on its own. With no set technique, the possibilities and choreography are endless. Contemporary is again derived from classical training, and either can offer a soft relaxed feel, or strong and dynamic movements. Contemporary has grown to become a dominant form of dance within the arts industry.

Contemporary classes are offered for all Junior, Intermediate and Senior students.
Junior Contemporary classes are for students 10 years and under

Intermediate Contemporary classes are for students 12 years and under
Senior Contemporary Classes are for students 14 years and older



Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. Hip-hop has a more relaxed feel and isn't bound by rigid technique. Many children love this free lance style & enjoy the upbeat music & sharp movements.


Queensland Ballet Petit Pointers

QB Petit Pointers is Queensland Ballet’s early years dance program for children aged 1-5 years

This program introduces movement through play, enabling young children to explore and interpret the world around them, and to physically make meaning of their everyday.


Performance Team 2024

MMStudios-Dance will be offering all performance team age groups for 2024 (6, 8, 10, 12, 15 Years and Under & Open Performance Teams. Our Performance Team travels throughout Queensland and New South Wales, competing in Eisteddfods, as well as performing at local school fetes, functions and shows. Please contact to receive our Performance Team FAQ handbook.


Adult Tap, Adult Ballet, Adult Hip Hop & Dance Fitness! 

Please enquire for further information!

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